Oral Hygiene Brother

Chapter 1

I have a tale for you, /a/.

A few days ago, a thread was posted suggesting /a/ brush his sister's teeth. After some consideration, I offered and eventually did brush my younger sister's teeth for her. I thought it was fun, and she didn't seem to dislike it - though she also didn't think much of my technique. That's the backstory; here's the main event.

Tonight my sister interrupted my browsing 4chan to ask about my day. Very thoughtful on her part, but not unusual. As we talked, she mentioned that she was going to get ready for bed soon. I thought nothing of it. It wasn't until she repeated that she was “going to go brush her teeth” and started slowly slinking out of the room that I picked up on what she wanted. At that point, I asked if she wanted a hand with that - and she quickly accepted. I went with her to brush her teeth again.

Tonight's session was less messy than the previous attempt since we both knew what we were doing; as before, I stood behind her and brushed from the view in the mirror. I found navigating her mouth with the brush significantly less difficult this time. While brushing, I noticed that she seemed unsure of what to do with her hands tonight. She moved them from the sink to almost touching my hands to her hips on more than one occasion.

In the end, she thanked me for brushing her teeth for her. I felt a little awkward, and I'm sure she did too. Once was just for fun, but now it felt… well, it wasn't what I might normally call intimate, but this is a lot closer than we've been since she was six or so. I'm not sorry I did it; she expressed genuine gratitude for my help. She also suggested that my brushing skill had improved. I was happy to receive her praise.

Since this chain of events was initated here, I thought I might post this in hopes that the OP of that thread see that his request did not fall on deaf ears.

Chapter 2

Last I posted, I had brushed my sister's teeth for the second time. Unlike the first time, the second brushing felt more deliberate and awkward. I thought that we wouldn't have a third performance. I was wrong.

While I watched television about an hour ago, she sat down beside me. Her giggles and smile told me she was having a good night. I listened as she spoke blithely about her adventures at school. At length I put my arm around her and squeezed her briefly against me, then returned to the television. Not to be ignored, she told me she wanted to switch tonight. Further inquiry on my part revealed that she wished to brush my teeth. I accepted.

Since she stands a full head shorter than myself, conventional brushing was difficult. I tried sitting down so she could brush from the front, but that didn't work, resulting in toothpaste on my shirt. She eventually procured a small step-stool and stood behind me, brushing my teeth in the mirror - as I had done hers. The feeling was… exquisite. She was incredibly gentle; she asked frequently if she was pushing too hard. After each pause for me to spit, she reengaged with renewed fervor. I was sorry for it to end. When she stepped down, she told me that I was right - that brushing someone else's teeth was fun. She was shining, and so was I.

Thank you, /a/. This was a most worthwhile endeavour you recommended.

Chapter 3

Hello again, /a/, from he who brushes his sister's teeth. I have an update to my curious tale for you.

A quick recap of events thus far: Roughly a month ago, /a/ suggested we should brush our sister's teeth for them. Intrigued by this concept, I did so. My sister and I so enjoyed the experience that not long afterward, she hinted that she wanted me to offer to brush them again - and I did so. From that point on, I have brushed her teeth every night, and she occasionally brushed mine. This odd arrangement has continued - until last night.

As was the routine, when my sister had finished her shower she requested that I brush her teeth. The thrill of the act has passed, somewhat; now I comply for the closeness that holding her softly and cleaning her teeth provides. Tonight went as previous brushings have, until the end. As I finished, I told her we were done and prepared to head back to Internet minutiae; before I could turn away, she solidly embraced me and asked to reciprocate immediately. Somewhat surprised by her hug, I acquiesced.

She took particular care that night to brush my teeth thoroughly. She would tilt my head this way and that so as to get the best angle in the mirror to view her work. I'd be lying if I said I didn't relish in her doting; her gentle and cautious brushing is truly luxurious. After at least twice again the time a normal brushing would take, she reluctantly ended my session. I thanked her, but she informed me we weren't done yet. Still standing on her footstool, she ordered me to open my mouth.

continuing in another post due to word limit

For what seemed like a long while, she looked at my teeth. I watched her eyes dart around my mouth and occasionally meet my gaze. On the stool, she stood a few inches taller than me; usually the hight difference between us is quite the opposite. Hesitantly, experimentally, she put her index finger in my mouth and pushed lightly on my back teeth. Amused by the serious face she was wearing, I responded by closing my mouth and sucking her finger. She blushed instantly and let out an audible yip, pulling her finger from my mouth. Grinning at her, I waited for her response. She looked in my eyes, looked at my mouth, and edged closer to me.

I am no fool, /a/. I understood your intent when you made that thread a month ago. I didn't care - I understood my family well enough that I was quite sure there would be no drastic changes to our relationship because of any one event. That said, my sister's charmingly rouge cheeks, uneven breath, and parted lips told me at that moment that I may have been mistakened: that she wanted to express our newfound closeness with a different sort of affection. I wouldn't say I froze - rather, I simply didn't move as she leaned forward. I closed my eyes and felt her mouth brush against my upper lip. When no further pressure followed, I opened my eyes and saw her looking guiltily away from me. I hugged her against me and told her thank you again, and then left the room.

This was yesterday evening. She has been cordial but skittish every time I see her tonight, and in about one hour she will have her shower and prepare for bed. I am curious to know if she will ask me to brush her teeth again.

I find myself hoping she does.

Oh, and heading off the question before it's asked: I'm a grad student, while she is in high school.

Chapter 4

Thanks to /a/, I am quite content to brush my sister's teeth for her, and she mine - but after what can best be described as an awkward, aborted, post-brushing kiss attempt on her part earlier, I was concerned that our toothbrushing days were numbered. However, the next night indicated that the status quo had returned again.

This update is not about recent events; our relationship currently seems stable. Rather, I'll describe events that took place on the day following my previous update.

On that night, I brushed her teeth as was usual, and again she asked to brush mine afterward. I felt a thrill at her request: this meant she was not upset about what happened earlier. After she finished, I turned around and lifted her down from the step-stool she had been using. In that moment in which our faces were close, I felt an impulse which I could not ignore. I pecked her lightly on the lips. Her bright blushing and immediate demand to know what I thought I was doing was precious. Could her brother not kiss as a show of appreciation, I reasoned? Surely there was no harm in a brief family kiss, particularly since we both now had minty fresh breath. I admitted to her that the closeness I felt with her over the past month was very valuable to me, and that I was glad to have her as my steadfast and irreplaceable sister. Warily, she admitted she felt the same about our improved rapport, and affirmed that family-style kisses - ie. no-tongue, apparently - would be okay.

Continued in next post

Shortly before going to bed, she inquired as to why I originally wanted to brush her teeth. At a loss for words, I gave her the truth: the Internet suggested it. After considering this, she asked whether the Internet offered any other such suggestions. I declined to go into the naughtier specifics, but I gave her a few examples I remembered. She found the hair brushing suggestion particularly interesting; this has resulted in an increase in our nightly grooming time together.

Chapter 5

I didn't brush my sister's teeth tonight. She is feeling ill.

Despite the possibility that she has the dreaded swine flu, I have been taking care of her. If I get sick as well, then so be it; it will have been for a good cause. For most of the day I have sat with her and kept her hydrated; I also served as a nurse for any requests she might have had. She has taken medicine for her fever, and I have been monitoring her health: Tiredness, chills, fever, dizziness, and cough. For my part, I find myself distracted by her pain; at the risk of sounding cliche, I would take it upon myself if I could. I don't tell her that, of course. She has enough to cope with as it stands.

In lieu of describing a nightly brushing, I'll instead mention that serving as a nurse for my sister was not at all distasteful. Chauvinistic or not, seeing her in a weakened state reminded me how adorably cute my sister is. Of course, helping her to relax and recover was always paramount in my mind. When she felt cold, I brought her additional blankets and sat with her while she sipped hot tea. We talked of idle things when she had the strength to do so, and I let her rest when she felt tired. She expressed to me how calm she felt when I sat with her, and thanked me for “wasting” time taking care of her. Running my hand along her shoulder and arm as she lay on her side, I confided that I never considered time spent with her a waste.

She's resting now; I would not be on /a/ were it otherwise. I write these updates for /a/ because you inspired me to become closer with my sister; times such as these remind me that we were always close, however.

Chapter 6

I have an update for you, /a/.

My sister brushed my teeth tonight. Naturally, I brushed hers as well, but the events that transpired afterward will likely perk your interest.

As you may remember, my sister was ill recently. To my relief, she has entirely recovered, and has returned to her usual, energetic self. However, she had not requested my presence for teeth cleaning activities since she fell ill. I assumed, with a heavy heart, that we would be self-brushing henceforth. Tonight proved that this would not be the case, as I happily obliged when she asked for dental assistance.

I brushed her teeth with a bit more zeal than was typical, the net result being a somewhat messier session than was strictly necessary. Once she realized my intention, though, she happily played along - her tongue playfully dodged the brush during my attempts to clean it, though it was eventually cornered and brushed. After I finished with her teeth, she took up the brush and, surprisingly, attempted to brush from the front; surprising, because we both know that means toothpaste cleanup afterward. Halfway through my session she switched to the usual from-behind position. Her body pressed against mine as she brushed.

When she finished, we cleaned up the area and ourselves. During a break in the laughter we had over tonight's toothbrushing adventure, my sister asked if I thought she was still contagious. Offhandedly, I replied that I doubted it. Later, as we hugged each other goodnight, she told me that she hoped I was right about her as she gave me a light, quick kiss. As she hugged me again, she explained it as a 'thank you' for taking care of her. When I didn't immediately respond, she laughed and claimed that I was blushing before going to her room.

It seems I was taken off-guard, tonight.

Chapter 7

While I am my sister's oral hygienist, my story won't focus on that topic tonight.

We continue brushing the other's teeth, though our grooming habits have spilled over into other areas as well; these days I brush her hair as well as her teeth, for example. That said, I thought I'd provide an update which is not restricted to the bathroom, so to speak.

We've grown very close these past two months; my sister and I now freely share our time with each other. Today, we had planned to do our shopping together, but that plan evolved into an outing for us both; rather than wasting the trip strictly on trivialities, we opted to first visit the ice skating rink. To illustrate the stark contrast of our improved relationship these past two months, I have never before managed to drag my sister onto the ice: while I am reasonably proficient, her experience on the ice, prior to today, comprised one ill-fated attempt roughly eight years ago. She was understandably nervous about this venture, but she was insistent that she would learn to skate today.

Naturally, her first steps on the ice were hopelessly cute. gripping the rail, she treaded the ice uneasily and spent a great deal of time steadying herself. After some coaxing, she ventured away from the wall, though she would not do so without her hand in mine. While the interior of the rink was cold, her smile, as I pulled her carefully around the ice, kept me warm. I noted with satisfaction that by the end of our session she had progressed considerably.

Due to her ankles being unaccustomed to skates, she needed to rest periodically and would watch the others and me skate while she recuperated. At one point, as I helped her back onto the ice, a well-meaning bystander with whom she had been chatting asked her if this was her first skating attempt. She replied that it sort of was, to which the woman replied that it was good that my sister had her 'boyfriend' there to help her. I arched an eyebrow when my sister did not bother to correct her.

We spent most of today together, and we spent the evening in proximity to each other. I am quite happy with this arrangement, /a/, and I suspect my sister feels the same.

Chapter 8

My sister and I traveled to our parent's house for Thanksgiving. We see them frequently, so this wasn't a momentous homecoming occasion. However, this holiday proved rather telling about where my relationship with my sister is heading.

On the drive to our parent's, my sister was cheerful and spirited, as usual (the energy she displays is certainly one of her more endearing qualities.) Our arrival was met with hugs from the parents and offers of victuals. Dinnertime was typical - gratuitious amounts of traditional Thanksgiving food and general updates about our lives for our parents. Eventually the topic shifted to my graduate classmates, and my mother was quick to inquire as to whether there were any future mothers of her grandchildren among them. While I mentioned the strong points of some of my female classemates, I didn't specify any as a prospective mate. This lead to a degree of good-natured teeth-gnashing due to my mother desiring that I produce offspring for her to grandmother.

During the converstaion, I noticed a shift in my sister's behavior in response to these queries; her participation in our family discourse diminished considerably, as did her appetite. Even my mother noticed that she seemed to be gingerly playing with her cranberry sauce rather than eating it. When pressed about why she wasn't particularly hungry, she claimed she was stressed from school.

Continued in the following post

She was similarly quiet during our return trip, though she did venture a disjointed question about how I felt about having kids. After a brief consideration, I replied that it depended on with whom I was having them. She didn't answer right away, but after enough time had passed that I couldn't be sure the two statements were connected, she asked simply whether I knew that she loved me. I said yes, of course. After a tense moment in the darkness, broken only by headlights and streetlamps, I added that I loved her too. I heard her exhale, but she said nothing else until we arrived at home.

I offered to let her get her shower first, but she insisted I go first. After I finished, she took her shower - which lasted for some time. She later requested that I brush her teeth, and I did so. While I'm certain this will come as a disappoinment to /a/, we do not brush each other's teeth every night anymore; it's simply not always convienent. Tonight, though, I took care of her teeth and she reciprocated. During my brushing she mentioned that she wanted to go shopping early the next day at Black Friday sales. While I wasn't particularly enthusiastic about that, I agreed to go with her. She thanked me with a kiss; though our nightly ritual seems to include a goodnight kiss if we both brush our teeth, her affection is always welcome.

I'll be taking a short break before writing the following day's segment; I prefer to write more concisely than this, and I do have someone who occasionally interrupts me..

Chapter 9

Hello again, /a/. Here is the continuation that I had hoped to give you yesterday.

My sister asked me to take her shopping on Black Friday. For those of you who have never experienced this glut of consumerism, it involves most large retail chains offering particularly good deals early in the morning, which means that if you want to procure these bargains, you'll be required to wait outside the stores until they open for business. Never one to say no to my sister, we woke up at three-thirty AM and set out to the stores.

The weather that morning was particularly recalcitrant, and when we arrived at our first destination the rain had changed into hail. We only had one umbrella between the two of us, so we shared it as we huddled together in line near the entrance of the store. My sister shivered in the icy wind; naturally, I couldn't stand for this, and opened my jacket before pressing her against me. I shushed her protests that someone we know might see us. It wasn't long before I felt her shivers abate and her arms wrap around me. Her head rested against my chest and neck. The calm that washed over me as I held her certainly made standing out in the damp cold more bearable.

Once we got inside the store, there was a stampede to reach the best items and then quickly reach the checkout. I made sure that we found what we needed and that my sister, due to her diminutive stature, wasn't pummeled by the crowd. We then repeated this chaotic scene at two more department stores, though we did not have to wait outside again. Once we had finished making our purchases, we began the drive home. My sister thanked me for coming with her, and admitted that she there was no way she could have come without me. I smiled and asked her to let me know the next time she needed a bodyguard.

Continued in next post

When we returned home, the time was scarcely past eleven AM. After a lunch of leftover thanksgiving food, we sat together on the couch with the intention of watching anime; however, the early waking and bustle of shopping had left us both drained, and it wasn't long before I noticed my sister sleeping quietly beside me. I pulled a blanket over us both and shut my eyes as well.

I awoke to my sister squirming beside me. She apologized for waking me up, but her smile shined as she told me that was the best nap she'd had in ages. She then headed off to the bathroom. We spent the rest of the day oblivious to the passing of time: we watched some Bakemonogatari, we played on the Wii, and we prepared dinner as chef and sous-chef. I half expected - or perhaps hoped - after brushing her teeth again that night, that she would ask for us to sleep together on the sofa. She did not, however. For my part, I am unsure of how far our relationship can safely progress; I am unwilling - or unable - to draw any sort of line.

Chapter 10

Some of my classmates invited me out for drinks on Saturday. When my sister asked where I was going, I told her that I had a hot date. I hadn't expected the rush of emotions that her face showed; she seemed quite shocked, and upset as well, though her only response was, “oh.” I quickly revealed that it wasn't really a date and it was just drinks with friends, but she didn't seem to think my joke was particularly amusing. She wasn't sure she believed me, either, so my advice to her was that since this event wasn't a date, she should come along and make it one. She accepted.

We arrived at the Mexican cantina, and my classmates were quick to inquire about my little lady. Most of them were greatly amused that I would bring my sister drinking with me, especially when she's not of age. I suggested she was present to soak up the culture of academia from us graduate students. A few of my classmates proceeded to quiz my sister on her grade level, her college aspirations, and her future career choices while the rest of us ordered drinks and appetizers. When the drinks came, I offered my sister a taste of the Mojito I had ordered, which she enjoyed. The rest of the evening was spent discussing work-related minutiae, hearing tales of Thanksgiving adventures, and politely discouraging one of my classmates whom I don't care for from continuing his flirtatious behavior toward, and general oogling of, my sister.

Continued in next post

On the way home my sister asked if she looked drunk. I laughed and told her absolutely, though her three or four sips throughout the night couldn't possibly have left her buzzed. She announced that she really enjoyed our date, and she wanted to go with me again next time. As we pulled into the driveway, I told her we could go on another one sometime this week if she wanted to. Thus, we're going to a different restaurant - just the two of us - this Tuesday. Mind you, eating out together isn't particularly unusual; calling it a date, is.

One last point of interest: she didn't ask that I brush her teeth that night, but she did say I love you, in a bashful sort of way, after she bid me goodnight. I told her same to you, and I meant it. Since then, she's made it habit to remind me of that every night. Just tonight she emphasized those words with a hug from behind while I sat at my desk, a suggestion not to stay up too late, and a kiss on the cheek.

Chapter 11

My apologies, I'm having some formatting issues. This is a rather long post.

Earlier this week, my sister and I went on our planned dinner date. We got to the restaurant late, in part due to my not expecting my sister to take as long as she did to doll herself up for the occasion. When she first came out of the bathroom with a face full of eyeliner, makeup, and lipstick, I couldn't help but laugh. She was rather cross with me until I mentioned how lucky she was that her natural cuteness didn't require her to apply makeup. She decided to wash her face and start over.

Dinner at the restaurant was almost typical for us; we've gotten used to eating out once a week or so. No matter what either of us orders we end up shopping from the others' plate, and that night was no exception. As my sister prepared a sample of her meal for me, I wondered when it was that I stopped caring if the utensils she used to separate my portion from hers had already been in her mouth. Certainly, that had been aversive to me in the past - but no longer.

She mentioned that was thinking about college, and that she wanted to go into bio-science. This surprised me, but then she told me which major she wanted to pursue: Pre-dentistry. I told her, speaking from experience, that I thought she would make an excellent dentist. The smile with which she responded was so bright made me glad I had complimented her choice.

Continued in the following post

After dinner we went for a walk in the city park. She held my hand as we walked the path around the pond. Eventually we stopped at the gazebo and watched the cold reflections in the water. During a moment of silence my sister edged close to me and asked me to warm her up, like on Friday. Without hesitation, I opened my coat and welcomed her into my arms. We stayed like that for some time, enjoying the others' warmth in the chilly night. My hands caressed her back, memorizing the form of her body through her clothes. I felt my resistance slipping - resistance to a desire long suppressed - and at that moment I decided not to deny it any longer. I separated us long enough for me and looked into her eyes - searching for any clue that what I had just resolved to do wouldn't be a terrible mistake. I saw my dear sister, whom I loved very much. Hesitating no longer, I kissed her, and it was not a brotherly kiss.

At first, she closed her eyes and accepted my lips, but as I kissed more deeply she gasped and pushed me away. Confusion and fear. My chest tightened. It was over, I thought. She despised me for what I had just done. Why shouldn't she? We had been so careful to keep our affection innocent until now. I had ruined that. Sorry, I said. I'm sorry.

Continued in the following post

My sister's breathing slowed. She stepped directly before me, her gaze steady and defiant, and asked what that was. I lamely offered that it was an end-of-the-date kiss, expecting a slap on my face. NO, I said, no, that's not what it was. The torrent of what I felt for her came out in a broken ramble. How much more enjoyable life was living together with her. How at ease I felt with her. How her energy filled the house. How much joy her smile gave me. How much I want to see her have a bright and happy future. I believe I even mentioned how attractive I found her. During a pause in my tirade, she stopped me. She took my hand and said it was okay. I tried to continue but she told me not to worry about it, and pulled me toward the car.

I turned the key in the ignition, and without looking at her asked if I should take her to our parents' house. She asked me why. Ruefully, I admitted that my impulse control was currently rather weak, and suggested that she would probably feel safer at our parents. Then I felt her arm loop through mine, and she held me tightly as she said that she has always felt safe with me. She said I never needed to apologize, and she couldn't believe all the embarrassing stuff I told her. She shushed my protests and told me to take her home. To our home.

Chapter 12

As you know, I recently informed my sister of my love for her, and she reciprocated that love. I suppose I'd thought our lives would be different once we had expressed our feelings. Instead, daily life is largely unchanged; so much of our free time was spent with the other that romantic intimacy seems merely an extension of what we already felt. One dangerous effect of our esoteric relationship is how comfortable we've become with physical contact between us; kisses before and after I take her to school, warm embraces, and hand holding in stores would be difficult to explain to those aware of our kinship.

In contrast, our time together at home has grown increasingly affectionate. While quick, light kisses are fine for when we're out and about, we don't hold back in privacy; because of this, her previous lack of experience in kissing is quickly becoming a non-issue. Again, we've decided that it's up to her as to when we go further. That said, as of two days ago, we are sleeping in the same bed.

We continue to watch anime together, of course. We recently finished the episode of Chobits where Chii cooked a meal and wore only an apron for Hideki; while I know this is a common theme, it was the first time my sister had seen the apron-only motif. After the episode, I asked why she didn't wear an apron like that when we prepared a meal. She jokingly said she would, but it was a shame we didn't own any long aprons. I informed her that I now knew what she was getting for Christmas.

We had just finished an episode of anime, and she declared that it was now bedtime (we had both already showered and brushed each others teeth by this point.) She was having trouble leaving the couch, though, since my arms loitered around her waist. Giving her a gentle squeeze, I explained that I didn't want to give up my nice, cozy handwarmer yet. She reminded me that she had class in the morning. What followed was several minutes of two-way teasing, mostly regarding how I didn't have class now but she did, and how she needed to practice driving so her current chauffeur can sleep in on days like tomorrow. Eventually I relented, and wistfully helped her up.

We stood for a moment in the living room, the only light glowing from the television. My sister threw her arms around my neck and gave me a deliciously minty goodnight kiss - which was exactly what I had intended to do to her, but was a moment too slow. When we broke the kiss, I understood exactly why she held me in a light, swaying hug instead of going to bed; I wanted to stay with her, too. She asked if I was also going to bed now. I replied with an affirmative murmur. I felt her tense a little and hug me tighter. She surprised me when she asked if we should sleep in my room or hers. I suggested that my bed was a little bigger, and she nodded approval.

She retrieved her pillows from her bed and put them beside mine. Now, I usually sleep in the nude, and I suspect my sister knew this. When she reluctantly began to remove her pajamas, I proposed that since it was a cold night, we might want to sleep in our nightclothes. She smiled, then laughed and agreed, thanking me for being so considerate.

Continued in the next post

Once we were both under the covers, I was shivering, but not from the cold; my sister's warmth in my bed, the scent of her shampoo, and the sounds of her light sighs and breathing were intoxicating. I felt her hand against my chest; it probed my body until it found my arm, then sliding down to my own hand, it intertwined our fingers. Moments passed. As I lay on my back, I felt my sister moving to get comfortable. Putting my arm under her, I pulled her close to me. Both of us now being warm and relaxed, we said our goodnights and I love yous again. This would be the first time she slept on my shoulder, though it wouldn't be the last.

The following morning was certainly better than average; while I am not a morning person, waking up beside your lovely sister improves your mood considerably.

It also is worth mentioning that tonight is the first night that we haven't got to bed together since then. My sister was a little disappointed when I said I wanted to stay up and take care of a few things on the internet. She said that was okay, but that I should hurry up and come keep her warm.

Chapter 13

I have another update. Before that, however, I should mention that my sister and I have finished Chobits. She told me that she liked Chii and Sumomo, enjoyed watching Hideki and Chii fall in love, and thought the end was really sweet. She also said she wants Sumomo for a cellphone. When I asked if she wanted to watch another anime, she responded that she did. I asked her what kind of show she wanted to see next, and after offering her a few genre and style options, she settled on an “adventure” featuring a “love story”, and plot advancement may involve “a little violence, but not too much” and, if possible, “no big robots.” I told her I'd try to find something she'd like.

Now, since I am a denizen of /a/, I have an idea of a series that more-or-less fits these criteria. However, since /a/ was helpful in the past in choosing an anime my sister would enjoy, I will again put the question to the forum. What series should I show my sister to follow Chobits?

This update begins in the early morning on Sunday. As usual, my sister and I shared my bed that night. I am eminently grateful for my sister's love, but with the bitterly cold weather we've been experiencing I'm equally happy that she's willing to share body heat with me; we leave the thermostat in our home rather low. Of course, we've been sleeping in less clothing lately, as skin-on-skin is quite a comfortable way of transferring heat: she wears panties and a tee-shirt while I wear boxers only. That morning, I awoke to unusual feelings; without opening my eyes or betraying that I was awake, I felt nimble fingers that had made their way past the elastic band in my boxers lightly probe my now-erect member. As her fingers wrapped around me, I heard my sister, who evidently was lying beside me as she plied my manhood, inhale sharply.

I love my sister very much, and I find her extremely attractive. That said, as she experimentally began to move her hand along my shaft, my agitation concerning the end result of her actions - and the messy aftermath, both figuratively and literally - grew. When the tempo of her ministrations increased, I mumbled slightly and began moving as though I was just waking up. Immediately those delightful digits withdrew from my boxers, and rested for a moment on my stomach before slowly sliding away. I opened my eyes to see my sister lying quietly beside me, her eyes shut and her breathing measured. The scene was simply too cute for me to bear, and I kissed her lightly on her lips, nose, and forehead before heading off to the bathroom.

Continued in the next post

As I prepared for the day, I questioned why I chose to “wake up” at that moment. Was my love for my sister completely non-sexual? Certainly not; she had featured prominently in countless of my fantasies - fantasies from years past as well as those crafted in the last few moments. I washed my face as I imagined the scene of what might have happened if she had completed her task, and tried to shake any scurrilous images from my mind. Did I want her to continue despite her knowing I was conscious? Perhaps that was the reason, I thought. Our transition from mostly-innocent familial love to romantic partners had been somewhat abrupt; I wondered if the turning point from a romantic to a sexual relationship would be similarly hasty. Upon reflection, though, I believe it was simply my attempt to protect my little sister - even if it meant protecting her from myself. I have been in enough relationships to understand that purity, innocence, and chastity are not considered virtues, or even worthy of mention, in dating or romance. Nevertheless, the thought of sullying my sister - my dearly beloved younger sister, the beautiful child my mother allowed me to hold in the hospital room all those years ago, the one girl in all the world whom I would always love and for whom I would live, kill, or die - of staining her body and soul, is what most likely gave me pause.

Continued in the next post

Since then I have rethought this position. Later events that day would suggest that she was, indeed, curious about sex, and was interested in engaging in a sexual relationship with me. It wasn't fair that I should place my sister on a pedestal so tall that no one - not even myself - could reach her. I reminded myself that no matter what I felt for her, all that I would do would be for her happiness. I didn't mention my turmoil over her actions to my sister; she has enough to worry about without also carrying my concern for her future. Instead, after my sister made breakfast for us, we spent the day shopping for Christmas presents.

At the mall, my sister stopped and lingered as we were walking by a certain popular lingerie store. Taking my hand, she started to pull me toward the entrance. I told her that if she wanted to browse in there, fine, but I'd wait outside. She sweetly insisted that I go in too; after all, she rationalized, I'm the one buying the presents. Reluctantly, I followed her into the store. My sister's energy and laughter, which I had always thought of as a blessing, drew more attention to us in the store than I would have liked - though most likely no one really noticed us. Any choice of undergarment or nightie my sister picked was immediately presented to me, as though I was an expert on bras and panties. When I feigned disinterest in a particularly sexy set, she asked what was wrong with her choice. I told her she should make her own decisions, and I'd buy whatever she liked as a gift. Pouting slightly, she drew close to me and lowered her voice. What we picked affected me as much as her, she reasoned in a whisper, since whatever lingerie I picked would be the wrapping for my Christmas present. She smiled coyly and giggled as recognition dawned on my face; I was glad at that moment, there in a ladies undergarment store, that I was wearing boxers and baggy pants.

Concluded in the next post

In the end, she chose three sets: two for Christmas presents, and one that she promised not to wear until Christmas. She also perused jewelry and accessories while we were there, but she did not make any purchases. On the drive home I asked her if she was serious about what she'd mentioned in the store. She told me that she had given that a lot of thought, and she knew how much I loved her. She held my arm as she expressed that she loved me with all her heart, and though she knew it was corny, but she wanted our first time to be special. Momentarily speechless, when I found my voice I told her I didn't think it was corny at all, and I reaffirmed that I did love her. I also added that she should never feel that she needed to do anything she didn't want to do. She said she knew I'd say that. She told me she wanted to do it. We had to wait for Christmas, though.

Chapter 14

Oral Hygiene Brother here.

Thank you for all the anime suggestions in my previous thread; the suggestions that came after I left the thread were not discounted. I also found the “impostor” accusations interesting; I wonder what it was that so set that update apart from previous ones.

My sister did not like Jin-Roh. Her response to the ending was nonplussed apathy and surprise that the story was over so quickly. We followed that film with Spirited Away, which she delcared average. We have started another long-running series, however, and she seems interested thus far; it is also her first un-dubbed anime.

I don't have an update to present tonight. Apart from our spending inordinate amounts of time together, I have little to discuss about our relationship. As my sister is now on winter break, I expect we will remain inextricable throughout the following days. This is, for me, cause for vague unease; my sister now rarely wishes to visit with her friends, preferring to stay by my side. At first I found this behavior charming, but I worry that her remaining stint in high school will be less than pleasant if she distances herself from her social group. of course, who she chooses to keep as company is her own choice; if I am to be her principal companion, I truly hope to live up to her expectations.

Not to be insensitive to those who would like to hear more about our personal time together, I will also mention that I have seriously considered opening my Christmas present early these past few nights. My sister insists on nestling her body as closely against mine as possible when we sleep, and my hands seem to invariably find their way to her breasts during this time. A few nights ago our petting became so heavy that she abruptly ended the session and scooted to the bathroom, saying that she had to pee. I found it particularly difficult to sleep for some time after she returned.

Chapter 15

Sadly, Chapter 15 is currently lost. If you have any knowledge about it whatsoever, please drop me a line at quipna@gmail.com

Chapter 16

Very well. Much has happened, and I will report some of it. I should forewarn you: at this point it would be exceedingly difficult for me to provide updates without sounding like a braggart. If you interpret these posts as vainglorious, you are not mistaken.

My sister and I traveled to our grandparents house for Christmas. While I won't bore you with details about our personal Christmas holiday, I will mention that during dinner, my mother commented that she was glad my sister and I were getting along so well. My sister didn't hesitate to list my faults as evidence that our getting along wasn't easy for her, which demonstrates to me that she's become quite the actress. I suspect that her performances hardly matter, though, and that we'll eventually give away the truth; it's not as though we can go back to the way we were anymore.

Continued in the next post

On Christmas night, I had sex with my sister. She had been a virgin, and nevertheless she gave herself to me. I am uncomfortable in sharing specific details of that night. While I know that /a/ would prefer that I write each titillating detail of every sexual act, I find myself unwilling to delve into the coarse particulars. I will say that foremost on my mind was my desire for her feel everything that makes sexual intimacy worthwhile. I spent a great deal of time acquainting myself with her nude body, which I hadn't seen since she was six. She, likewise, was interested in assessing certain aspects of the male gender. I would estimate nearly an hour's worth of petting, kissing, reassuring, calming, curiosity satisfaction, tasting, and exploration took place before we even began our first session that night; in total, we were sexually intimate for roughly three consecutive hours. She had asked that we make our first time together special; from what I have drawn from later conversations, I was able to adequately fulfill her wish.

Continued in the next post

When I awoke the following morning, I kissed my sister awake and felt no shame or regret. I asked her if she was sorry last night happened, and she informed that she was, insofar as she was sorry that we hadn't done it sooner. I told her I took her virginity. She seemed rather unimpressed with this feat. She expressed that, having heard horror stories first sexual encounters, she was glad it was me. However, she did ask that I help her stand so she could go shower, since she was feeling rather sore. I apologized profusely, but she gently told me to forget about it. We did not leave the house that day, and after we took our evening showers and lay together in bed, she asked if I wanted to do it again. From this, I expect you will be able to surmise why I haven't been on /a/ these past few nights; she takes precedence, and she always will.

On that note, I'll add that we are careful to use protection, although we're experiencing some cognitive dissonance in that regard. My sister was, at first, quite terrified of pregnancy in general and semen in particular. However, she has since expressed dissatisfaction with our consistent use of condoms, though she understands why we don't make love without them; I refuse to risk her future on anything less effective. While I don't deny that fluid exchange with her piques more than my interest, the prospect of harming my sister through unexpected pregnancy is an effective deterrent.

Continued in the next post

Since our first sexual encounter, we've become very open with each other about our bodies. While we've only showered together once so far, this is due to convenience rather than modesty. For instance, New Year's Eve was the first night since Christmas that we did not have “ess-e-eks”, as my sister demurely refers to it. The reason for this was that our parents were sleeping one room away from us; for that matter, we weren't even supposed to be sleeping in the same room.

Allow me to elucidate. In past years for our New Year's celebration, we returned home and watched the ball in Times Square drop with our parents. This year, however, my sister did not want to spend New Year's with our parents; instead, she wanted the two of us to be alone. As I've mentioned, her recent exclusion of anyone but me from her daily life is worrisome. I insisted that we visit our parents, about which she was not at all acquiescent. Eventually we compromised by asking our parents to come visit us - rather than us visiting them - which they agreed to do. Of course, that meant that they would be spending the night at our house; much of our day prior to their arrival involved cleaning our home and setting the scene, so to speak. It would not do for our parents to find my sister's bed neatly unused, for instance.

Continued in the next post

Again, our personal New Year's celebration is not particularly pertinent to my story, though one event that night involving consumption of alcohol prior to the new year might have had significantly worse consequences had things transpired differently. Since dinner, all of us had been sipping various mixed drinks I had been preparing. After her second rum-based drink, my sister was clearly feeling the effects of the alcohol, and our parents noticed. Crossly, my mother demanded that I quit giving liquor to my sister, and remarked that if I should be more conscientious about things like this if she's to continue living with me. My sister was quick to defend me, and thankfully the conversation remained good-natured, but I couldn't help but notice a vague tension in our words.

My parents are unused to late-night frivolity; as the ball dropped, my sister and I had to wake them. We celebrated the new year briefly, and as I watched various couples kiss in Times Square, my sister nestled close beside me, her eyes requesting what I very much wanted to give her. I scanned the room, decided that I might get away with it, and pressed my lips to my sister's. Each passing moment we spent connected, our secret exposed to those most in a position to disapprove, seemed fatally long, though I'm sure our kiss lasted mere seconds. As the kiss broke we glanced around furtively, but both our parents continued to obliviously watch the TV or nap.

Continued in the next post

We finished our sleeping arrangements and retired to separate rooms, which is now quite unusual for both of us. In the morning, our parents thanked us for our hospitality and we said our goodbyes. No sooner than our parents had left, my sister was naked in my arms. Afterward, she told me our New Year's kiss had made her so hot she could barely sleep. She agreed that it was probably because we could so easily have been caught, and this concerned me. I realize now that telling my story to you, /a/, is more cathartic than I had thought. To be able to share a potentially devastating secret and be given encouragement for one's choices are both benefits which I can enjoy and my sister cannot. While I feel my sister needs a confidant with whom she could discuss aspects of our relationship, I don't know how to approach this subject with her, nor what sort of solution I might propose.

Concluded in the next post

There is one last point I will mention in this overly long-winded update. Tonight, I gave her a present I had intended to give her on the first hour of the new year, though I should have given it to her at Christmas. We had been talking about living together after she finishes high school, and I had asked her if she really wanted to stay with me, long-term. She had responded that she did, without question. Now, I cannot honestly say that I feel no remorse whatsoever over what we've done; to be accurate, I feel I'm depriving my sister. If she stays with me, she'll never be able to show our parents how she looks in a wedding gown. She won't be able to give our parents a grandchild. She'll never have the luxury of what society deems a normal relationship. So when she told me she wanted to stay with me forever, I told her I felt the same way, and that I had something I wanted to give her. I knew I was rushing into this commitment, and that it could never technically “count”, but I knelt in front of her and offered her a platinum engagement band. As she stretched out her hand and asked me to put the ring on her finger, I thought about how that might be the first time I was happy to have made her cry; mainly, though, I thought about how that was a moment my little sister deserved to have.

Chapter 17

Oral Hygiene Brother here. I have an update for /a/, though I'm not sure it contains anything of merit.

My sister and I finished Outlaw Star. She considers it top shelf anime, though she was quite upset that Hilda didn't survive the early episodes. She also thought it was interesting watching the series in its original Japanese, which might or might not have been said just to please me; she was acting too kittenish at the time for me to hope to receive a straight answer. While I am reasonably sure she possesses a moderate interest in anime, it seems she watches it mostly as an excuse for us to snuggle together on the sofa for long stretches at a time.

My sister told me her friends suspect she's seeing someone. This is hardly surprising, considering how openly happy she is these days - just as I am. When I tried to offer suggestions about how to deal with the situation, my sister told me she was just letting me know, and that I didn't need to try to fix the problem. She said talking to me about it was all the help I needed to give her. On a similar note, I earlier acknowledged that it is entirely her decision if she chooses to wear our ring to school - which she does.

Continued in the next post

I've talked to her about the possible negative results of spending time only with me, and she's taken that advice to heart; while she usually insists on rushing home and staying with me after school most days, she visited her friend's house for a few hours yesterday. Of course, our schedules aren't quite as optimal this winter, either, since I can't pick her up twice a week due to classes. Even so, most of our free time during the week is dedicated to activities we can enjoy together - whether it's skating, movies, anime, cooking, working on homework, shopping, sledding, or, yes, brushing our teeth, we are genuinely happy with the others' company.

I can't help mentioning that our nights together have been, and continue to be, exceedingly intense; our connection far exceeds any of my previous relationships. While I know that my sister is still young, I am certain that falling asleep in her arms and waking up beside her for the rest of my days is a gift of which I am not worthy, though I desire it nonetheless. I treasure every morning kiss as we start our daily routines, just as I cherish every embrace as I drop her off and pick her up at school. I understand that time will not stand still for us, but no matter what the future holds, I'll stay with her, in whatever manner she wishes.

Chapter 18

Very well. A brief disclaimer before we begin: If you are expecting details of our sex life, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you; I am uncomfortable sharing our intimate moments, as I consider it a breach of my sister's trust. That said, much has happened since my last update, though I will focus this update on just two main points: A general update of our relationship and a situation my sister and I face.

The 'honeymoon' period seems to have ended for us - and we still very much love each other. In fact, I find it difficult to separate the love I have for her as my sister from the love I have for her as my fiancee; while we technically have not yet exchanged vows or had a ceremony, we are for all intents and purposes a couple. My sister makes full use of this fact, particularly when there's something she wants or there are chores that need done: She knows it melts my heart when she tells me that we're a partnership, and that means I should help my wife clean up. Of course, there are advantages to this arrangement, as well - on the many snow days we had this winter, my sister stayed home while I went to college, and the dinners she prepared while I was away were always particularly delicious.

Continued in the next post

My sister is truly an amazing person. She never ceases to impress me with her varied interests and intelligence - saying nothing of her beauty. We've begun jogging together, mostly for fitness but also so we can spend time together outside. On cold days or in the evenings, we often read together, as banal as that may sound. Many of the texts my sister is assigned were the same texts I once read, and though both of us can read much faster alone, I find amusing my sister with silly accents for characters and helping her understand the nuances of the texts makes the process infinitely more enjoyable as something we can do together. She also maintains an interest in anime. For instance, we watched both seasons of Darker than Black, which she thought were quite good. She was a bit confused during the ear-cleaning scene in the detective episode, and when I explained the situation she immediately insisted that she clean my ears. Despite my implicit trust in her, I must admit I felt a certain hesitancy in letting anyone but myself insert objects into my ears. Once she began, though, everything turned out quite well, and we added another hygiene-related activity to the list of ways we take care of each other.

Continued in the next post

Despite her maturity and intelligence, my sister also knows all too well which buttons to push to frustrate me. When bored with homework or tired in the morning and wishing for a snow day, she occasionally tells me that she just wants to quit school and be my housewife - knowing full well that this is possibly the single most disastrous decision she could make. I'm certain she only says it these days to irk me, but I let it affect me nonetheless. She also seems to be quite indifferent to the dangers of an unplanned pregnancy - and since a certain decision we made not too long ago, these dangers are very real. She tells me that she wants to start birth control, but she doesn't want our parents to suspect anything. I told her it's got to be her decision, but I'd rather she be safe and suspected than the alternative. We're still working on that decision.

Continued in the next post

I mentioned we have a situation to consider. My sister has had several invitations to the prom from various boys at her high school. She has turned them all down, and when asked for a reason she has said that she was going with someone else. That 'someone else' was always a 'someone' from another school that those boys don't know. When I asked if she really wanted to go, she told me that she did, and there was only one person she wanted to go with her. I was, of course, flattered and more than happy to go to the dance with her until she revealed that while I could always go as her brother, she preferred that I go as her date. Now, I admit that we've both been rather remiss in our attempts to hide the romantic side of our relationship, but I worried that attending her prom night together - and participating in the slow dances in particular - might reveal a little more publicly than is strictly safe. She accurately pointed out that 99% of the people at the dance wouldn't recognize me, but I was concerned about that one percent: I've met three of her friends and talked at length with two of them, notwithstanding the teachers at the school who may remember me; if we appeared overly affectionate, those that know we're related could cause us trouble. I reiterated that I probably should be introduced as her brother rather than her boyfriend, which made her genuinely upset. In the end, I relented, and we're planning to have me sign in with my name, but once we're inside, I'm her college boyfriend she met on the Internet.

Concluded in the next post

To be honest, I'm as excited as I am apprehensive; my sister and I hold hands and kiss when we're generally alone in public, but that's quite a different situation to embracing her on her high school dance floor, surrounded by her classmates. We're both taking frequent discovery risks, and I suspect these are not due to carelessness but rather a desire for confirmation. That is, I would very much like to introduce her to acquaintances as my wife, but that inability is a frustration that I'm willing to bear for the sake of both our futures. Likewise, my sister agrees that we two should not go public or be martyrs for a cause, despite how strongly we feel about each other and the general injustice that keeps our relationship hidden. Despite this, however, we're considering telling our parents the truth after she finishes college, assuming she still wants to stay together after that time (she informs me that she'll stay with me forever, I can't get rid of her that easy, and I shouldn't question her decisions just because she's younger than I am) and they haven't found out by then. Of course, as that time grows closer we may change the plan as needed.

Oh, and one last largely unrelated point: Thanks in no small part to my tutelage and consequent risk of life and limb, my sister is now in possession of a valid driver's license. I'm very proud of her. Our parents have generously offered half the cost on a (reasonably priced) vehicle of her choice, and I'll help her as well. She's been somewhat lax in choosing a car, though; she's openly admitted she prefers having a chauffeur.

Chapter 20

Oral Hygiene Brother here. That is, the genuine Oral Hygiene Brother.

I have nothing to report since the Monday update, but I am somewhat grieved to see that yesterday evening I had an imitator post under my name and declare all the updates about myself and my sister up to this point a social experiment. While such slander over an anonymous medium should not upset me - despite the fact that said anonymous medium is being used to convey some of the more profound secrets of my life - it nonetheless was a shock to me to see the name Oral Hygiene Brother reviled as a liar and a charlatan. If you wish to believe that my tale is a work of falsehood, then by all means do so; however, I ask that you separate my words from those of the crude facsimile posted yesterday, as they are certainly not one and the same.

To explain my inactivity prior to this week: I admit I have been remiss in my updates, but between my work, my classes, and - most importantly - the time I spend with my sister, I simply did not find the time nor inclination to visit [a/ or type updates. As for yesterday's imitator, I must say I was disappointed to see such a deception. Nevertheless, it is now apparent that the tripcode I have taken for this post is an unfortunate necessity to prevent similar deceit in the future.

My apologies for the lack of anime or manga related content in this post; in my defense, I might accurately say that I was frustrated.

Chapter 21

Last Friday, as per one of my responsibilities as a TA, I organized and hosted a class outing. With a limited budget, I was to provide transportation, entertainment, and food for roughly one hundred people. While the logistics of this endeavor proved quite manageable, the setting up, tearing down, and general preparation for the event required substantial delegation. Unsurprisingly, my sister was willing to assist me. Between the two of us (and a few classmates who effectively served as underlings) we threw a memorable party. After we returned home from the event, both of us were tired but content; to get to the point, as my sister and I celebrated in private, my promise to provide an update for /a/ was long forgotten, and we spent the remainder of the weekend singly working on projects or shopping, cleaning, and playing together.

Continued in the next post

I suppose I should specify that when I say “playing” together, this includes both traditional and sexual implications; if /a/nonymous was concerned that we'd ended the more intimate elements of our relationship then you needn't worry, as that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, roughly two months ago (has it been so long?) my sister and I visited our family physician for the purpose of obtaining birth control pills, which she has been taking regularly ever since. The excuse that she gave our parents was that she needed a more regular period and that she'd heard birth control can reduce cramps. While the former wasn't particularly an issue, the latter was certainly true: more than once I've sat with my sister and brought her water and heated pads as she cried in pain due to cramping. At the time, we weren't quite as suspect as we are now, so the only questioning I'd received about her choice to go on birth control was from my mother, who wanted to know if my sister had been bringing boyfriends over to our apartment. I truthfully answered that she hadn't brought anyone over, and that I was reasonably sure she wasn't seeing anyone from school.

Continued in the next post

The real reason for her use of birth control should be obvious to /a/, but allow me to expand on the topic: You may remember that initially, my sister and I were extremely conscientious with condom use, as she found semen to be, in her words, scary. However, she has since discarded this aversion, which lead to pregnancy worries shortly after Valentine's Day. We spoke at length about the possible consequences of our lack of caution, and she made it very clear to me that she would not consider abortion if she became pregnant. While our family is not religious, she was nonetheless firm in her convictions, and I supported her choice; I reminded her again that I love her very much, and that Canada would probably be nice this time of year if our secret was revealed. Thankfully, we didn't have a problem, but she decided that she wanted to go on birth control to prevent any future worries.

I mentioned that I went with my sister - at her request - when she visited our physician in order to get a prescription. I thought I would simply be accompanying her as far as the waiting room, but when the nurse called for her I found myself dragged by the hand to the examination room as well. My sister told me she felt much better with me there with her, and those words were enough to assuage my embarrassment. I was nonetheless eventually asked to leave by the doctor, as she suggested that my sister receive a pelvic exam, but until then I stayed with her - as a caring older brother, as far as anyone was concerned. On a side note, since my sister is still quite young, we've been monitoring her health since she began taking the pills. Fortunately, the only side effects that she has noticed thus far are occasional nausea and sore breasts.

Chapter 22

Tonight's update comes not from a graduate student, but a student who has graduated. Yesterday's ceremonies marked the end of two years of scholarly endeavors and the beginning of my career as a professor. A bit about yesterday: I was completely at ease amid the congratulations, farewells, and wishes for a bright future by my classmates because I have already been promised an entry-level teaching position at my university. While it was certainly an emotional time for many of us, as our class has been closely acquainted with one another for two years but will now disperse, my future is here, and I plan to take care of her for as long as I can. Speaking of my sister, she told me she was very proud of me, claiming that I'm the smartest person she knows. As I walked across the stage during the commencement, I heard my sister calling my name and cheering, and her cries of encouragement were far more heartwarming to me than the applause of my classmates. After the ceremony, my family celebrated my special day at my sister and my apartment, and after my parents left my sister and I shared a memorable evening together.

Continued in the next post

My apologies for that tangent; this was an momentous occasion for me, and I wanted to discuss a positive event before tackling the negative. Our parents want my sister to move back home with them. Since I will soon be working full-time, they're concerned that I can't take care of a high school girl and keep my job, as the two would prove to be too much responsibility, and they ignore the fact that, for all appearances, I've been a devoted and effective guardian thus far. They haven't asked me about how I feel yet, of course. Instead, they've spoken only with my sister, and have been badgering her for several days now to return home. For me, the thought of being separated from my sister is neigh unthinkable at this point, and my sister is equally unhappy at the prospect of living apart. She has tried several ploys to convince our parents that living with me remains the best choice, but they're apparently insistent that she move back before the end of the summer, which has my sister distraught and myself worried. With my sister still a year away from graduation, our parents are in a position to make our lives very difficult. As I've mentioned in the past, we are not a religious family, but our parents have rather strict and conservative values, and it is doubtful that they would accept our deeper-than-sibling connection now.

Continued in the next post

Our current plan is to speak to them individually (as, if we present our argument together, they will almost certainly suspect our ulterior motive in living together) and inform them that my sister is a great help at the apartment and without her my housework wouldn't get done and my living conditions would deteriorate rapidly. We'll also mention the trouble of moving all of my sister's things back home, the difficulty of her needing to drive herself to school (and the expense of purchasing a car for her, as she does not yet have one), and any other excuses we can produce. If these fail, will simply need to explain in no uncertain terms that she does not wish to return to our parents house, I do not wish her to leave, and we have no intention of submitting to their demands. My sister and I considered living apart for a year while she finishes high school, and we both agreed that such an arrangement was impossible. We are not so concerned with the loss of opportunity for physical intimacy as we are with the emotional deprivation that would result from living apart. That said, our last option, and one that we both agree is less than ideal, is to acquiesce to our parents demands and then simply have most of my sister's belongings stay at our parents while she “visits” me often enough that she's effectively still living here.

While I am apprehensive about this situation, I am reasonably confident that we will overcome this obstacle together. Despite how I have perhaps portrayed them, our parents love us both, and truly are only trying to do what's best for us, as misguided as they may be. Because of this, my sister and I aren't going to stress about what may or may not happen. We'll work it out.

As always, I will report any changes in our circumstances in a more-or-less timely manner, provided interest in our lives remains.

Chapter 23

Before I begin, allow me to extend a heartfelt thank you to those of you who posted your kind words in my previous threads after I have left. I do, or rather did, occasionally check the archive (which is no longer functioning) and I appreciate your support. Now, on with the update:

Earlier this week my sister spoke to our mother over the phone about her desire to continue living at our apartment. Despite raised voices and complete exasperation with our mother, my sister wasn't able to convince our parents that she should stay with me, so she handed the phone off to me and demanded that I talk some sense into our mom. Taking the phone and using my calmest and most rational voice, I explained that having my sister at my apartment was convenient for both of us, as she takes care of a lot of the household chores and has become an excellent chef as well. I emphasized that she is never a bother, and has matured considerably living here. I also mentioned that my sister is much closer to school living at the apartment, and her grades and scholastic attitude reflect an overall improvement since she began living with me. I also claimed that having her around kept me focused on my studies and work, and her company here is most welcome.

Continued in the next post

After listening to, and utterly disregarding, my argument, my mother told me that having my sister there was hindering my (future) job performance and preventing me from finding a steady girlfriend. She claimed that my sister shouldn't be helping me with cleaning up because that was the job for a girlfriend. She also said that my sister can do those things for her boyfriend, once she gets one, and that my taking her to the prom stunted her social life. She insisted that my sister living with me was a mistake because it's clearly bad for both of us - neverminding the fact that, falling in love aside, we've both become happier and more productive since my sister moved in. My mother's claim that our living together was a mistake strengthened my belief that she either knows or suspects that my sister and I are lovers as well as siblings, and that she is using my new job as an excuse to separate us. Eventually I superficially agreed to my mother's demand, under the stipulation that my sister be allowed to stay with me during the summer, as she prefers living in our apartment to her old room.

Continued in the next post

That said, our plan, such that it is, is to tell our parents that my sister will be moving back “any day now” and that she'll be packed and ready “next week” whenever they ask about her return. Of course, the following week will yield the same answer to any inquiries: she'll be ready “next week. Through civil disobedience and conflict avoidance, we can, based on past experience, keep our parents placated without actually doing what they wish. While my sister was hesitant at first to even consider a plan that might involve her going back, I explained that if, through some fanatic devotion to fulfilling her scheme, my mother moves my sister's belongings back home, I promised that I would buy her a car and that she could simply visit me and stay overnight often enough that she effectively was still living with me. This seems to be a solution that keeps everyone happy and doesn't require my sister and I to be separated from each other, which at this point would be incredibly painful for both of us.

Concluded in the next post

I don't want this update to dwell only on negative issues, so on a lighter note, I have recently beheld, for the first time since we became intimate, my sister in a two-piece bathing suit. Lately, we've been swimming together often, and in retrospect I have no idea why I didn't appreciate how lovely my sister is in swimwear until now. That said, swimming with her can be rather dangerous, as we have a difficult time keeping our hands off one another in the pool. While we've restrained ourselves thus far to mostly innocuous touches and light petting, I have no doubt that if the opportunity arises, i.e., we get some alone time in the pool, that we'll do quite a bit more; my sister has expressed keen interest in skinny-dipping together. I would venture a guess that our indiscretions - whether it be our antics in the pool, our holding hands in public, our kissing hello and goodbye, or just the silly smiles we wear around each other - are partly responsible for the problems I mentioned earlier in this update. However, knowing these actions are a problem and actually not doing them are two quite separate concepts for me.

It seems that there are no other recorded updates from Oral Hygiene Brother.

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